Looking for the perfect way to say good bye to winter while the days are still grey and cold?
This soup tastes just like mama used to do. Awesome for this weather and for the sick days when all you wish for is mamas hugs and to be taken care of!


You will need:

1 kg Chicken Breast1/2 Cup Rice
2 Carrots 1 Spoon Olive Oil
1/4 Celeriac 1 1/2 liter Water
1 Piece Leek1 Spoon chicken broth

*Salt, pepper and Garlic as preferred.

How to:

  • Chop chicken breast, carrots, celeriac and leek evenly;
  • In an pressure cooker heat the olive oil and pressed garlic;
  • Add the chicken breast and broth powder and fry it until white on all sides;
  • Add carrots, celeriac, leek and rice and combine everything;
  • Stir for a couple of minutes, add salt, pepper and add boiling water;
  • Close the cover and let it cook for 20 minutes from pressure point;
  •  Serve hot with some parsley to make it pretty 😉
 This soup tastes just like a warm hug in winter and will for sure make you feel like home!

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