I always thought I would come out of school straight to university, but well, life and the German bureaucracy got in the way. So, here I am, 26 years old just starting my second semester of Business Studies and these are 26 random thoughts I’ve had since I started this quite weird journey: 

    • I completely forgot how to learn in a school format;
    • Nobody ever uses this on the real world!
    • I have the attention spam of a fish…

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      • Oh fuck, I have no idea what that means;
      • I am not used to handwriting, how sad!
      • Will I ever use this?
      • Oh I haven’t thought about my asshole Ex in a while, he would be easier to figure out than this statistic problem!
      • Stop! I want out.
      • Oh, the people ARE really young!
      • I see you, I hear you, but still no idea what you are trying to say

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      • Oh, Snapchat is still a thing?
      • To much information, so little time.
      • How hard it is to find a retail job?
      • Ohhh NO, tests, NOOOO!!
      • I should make a snapchat!
      • How the F&%K have you never heard of The Shinning =O

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    • Is it to late to quit?
    • Well, I still write on paper. Yep, No iPad!
    • Why do Germans have a special word for everything? kommilitone? Really? Just call them colleagues or students!
    • Can’t even figure out Instagram Stories, let alone Snaps!
    • Do I really need this?
    • Probably. I need a job!
    • Last but not least……can I actually do this?

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  1. huahuahuahuahuahuahuah me senti na época de facul de novo… 😛 eu entrei com 19, mas demorei tanto que saí com 28 😀

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