Not everything is bad...

Sounds weird to say it like this when there is a Killer virus spreading through the world and killing hundred thousands of people, but try to remain positive and what I see (or wsnt to see), there is always a silver lining.
Aside from my personal liking of this quarantine time (yes, I am privileged enough to work and study from home and not have anyone close to me get affected) I do strongly believe this pandemic came to show us some important things.

I started this post a little over two years ago, and these past two years have been really hard. Seeing the first paragraph now, I miss this optimistic girl who wanted to see the best in the worst times. However, I now can say with property…THERE WERE GOOD SIDES TO IT!

Although the virus itself is still around and hunting us (and probably won’t go anywhere so soon), I want to tell you my personal silver linings from the weirdest pandemic years: 2020 – 2021.

1 – My personal favorite: WORKPLACE

     The whole world had to adapt to a new format that has most of us cheering and hoping this is the new normal. Hybrid systems, WFH, and remote work.
 For me, this is a dream come true. Although I love meeting people and exchanging knowledge, I did not enjoy the 2 hours I lost of my day commuting to work. I did not enjoy the packed trains, the expenses or preparations of lunch in the office, the useless meetings with no end, and so on. I am soooo grateful to be able to work from home most days (personally I am even more productive) and although in the beginning, it was hard to separate life from work, I have mastered it! 
Remote work was a whole new level! I had never dreamed about it before, naive of me I know, but this freedom changed my life. Being able to flee the German winter or even just go somewhere new for a more extended period was what I needed and didn’t even know. I was able to spend a month in Croatia, 2 Weeks in Barcelona, 2 Months in Brazil with my family, and lots of little trips around Europe. And guess what: My work and dedication were always the same at all levels, I dare to say it got even better as I felt better.

2 – Empathy

     We had never seen more empathy than when the whole world was going through the same shit at the same time. People cared for others, even if for selfish reasons they followed a path for the greater communal good. Yes, of course, we were scared, we doubted everything and it was not easy, but people cared. Neighbors were bringing food to the elderly at more risk, care packages were sent, people joined through the web to communicate with people they hadn’t had the chance to see or properly talk to in a while, we called, we asked how things were going, even letters got back for a little bit as we had time with ourselves and nothing else to do.

3 – New Markets and Perspectives

      The world came closer, we were more connected than ever waiting for news, all eyes were on the prize – getting rid of the fucking Corona Virus – from that, 1834012421 new ideas came to life! I mean, at what other point in the history of the world getting groceries delivered to your door in 10 minutes would have been feasible if not for need (or laziness?)?
New perspectives on what was important like health and family, taking care of yourself inside and out to not go crazy. This has shown how much we were conditioned on our own ways and has brought a whole new range of possibilities and new ideas to adapt. in my humble opinion, the world hasn’t done that in a while.


4 – Online Study/ Courses

      This was probably a personal miracle for me. You might not know this but I am a terrible student. Do not mistake it, I am an amazing learner, but the current system does not work for me, plus my university was a 2-hour journey (from door to door) to my home, so that was 4 hours of train on a day for just 2 classes. Imagine how excited I was when classes started to take place online and WOW so did exams! This made my life so much easier. I get that this did not work out for a lot of people, especially children who needed the contact with others, parents who were already working from home and had children who could not go to school, but for me, and I can only talk for myself, this was amazing!

I could go on and on about the good things I found, but man it was hard, we all know it, we had to adapt, redesign ourselves, and our lives and be alone for a long period of time living with uncertainty and the new reality. The worst part is NO CONCERTS! This is why this blog has been neglected, BUUUUUT I am back and I just had the best summer concert ever, so be prepared for some quality concert content here.

What was the best part of Covid for you? Did you miss concerts?


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