A virus coming from China is infecting thousands of people across the globe, borders are being closed, new laws are being enforced to keep people quarantined in their homes, touching has become the biggest problem in the world, we are keeping our distance from each other (at least 1,5 meters) and supermarkets are being emptied in despair. Sounds like a bad 2000’s movie, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, it’s not a movie, is the reality we are living in 2020, yeah, and we though we would have flying cars by now, but no, we are quite close to the apocalypse, Go Humans!

I live in Berlin (Germany) and am on day 10 of quarantine. Yet, my only problems so far have been finding toilet paper in the supermarket, counting my last coins to buy food for a longer period in a hurry and feeling lonely. Lucky me, I got it really good and I mean it!

Quarantine Essentials - Wine, Toilet Paper, Cheese and Lipbalm
Quarantine essentials

Don’t get me wrong, it has been scary, confusing and awful since the beginning. Loads of people are having the worst time of their lives, people are dying and no one really knows what is going to happen as there are no precedents to this, but I have to be honest, I think the world needed this.

I see it as sort of a wake up call. The world needs a change, and it needs it now!

I will get deeper into it later, but I would love to know how are you doing and what’s your take on all of this??

REMEMBER to Stay Home and wash your hands regularly!

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