While I am sitting in the really cold university floor to get a place in one of the courses I have to be in, I can’t help but to look outside to the grey sky and „walking dead“ landscape and think about how lucky I am to have the luck to have lived this past summer here.



Sure, a lot has happened and not all of it was good, some things fucked up my mind pretty hard, still, that’s life.

However this year we escaped spring and went straight to summer with temperatures from 18 to 38°C, mostly sunny days and just the perfect amount of free time to enjoy it. There is nothing like waking up in the morning with the sunshine and coming back home after a long day and still have light to go through the streets after months of pure darkness.

From the beginning on I was decided to make the most of it, to just enjoy the sunny days we had and LIVE it. I was worried it would be like last year when we had like 20 good days the whole summer.

Although I did enjoy a crazy amount of ice-cream I also went paddling for the first time, learned how to drive a roller (this small bikes like a Vespa) and celebrated my birthday in the park with Sangria buckets and loved friends.

Together with a friend of mine we stipulated the „ Fridays’s wine in the park“, which was exactly what the name says, we sat on the park after work with a glass (or 2- 3 bottles) of white wine, some snacks and talked no-sense for hours, oh how I enjoyed this times and looked forward to the next week. It might have turned me into an alcoholic though or at least a drunk.

Finally, the real summer, I mean the calendar one, was arriving, meaning my university break was approaching and the very deserved period of 3 weeks I took to completely stay on vacation mode was finally here!

A Rock festival with friends, an adventure in the middle of Germany with loved ones and Wacken, all took place in these weeks. After 22 days of little sleep, and overload of Jägermeister and hundreds of liters of beer I was dead, but ready to start again. The sun brought back the lust for life I had lost during the past months.

I started my new job ( the day after I came back from Wacken. Not really the most clever idea I’ve had), with old friends and lots of new people, something I had never done before, new and exciting. I adapt quite fast and think I am doing a good job. I am learning and growing which is what I most love to do and I can see a future, something I was failing to see for a while.

Now Autumn is back and it is hard to keep it all up, but there are loads of summers to come and all I can say right now is if there is a plus side to Global Warming this is it! (This is just a joke, take it with a pinch of salt ;p )

Brown-ish me thinking about next summer!


Thank you Summer (and everyone who was part of it!),

Always yours,


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