Hello World!

I know blogs are a bit outdated. I thought about starting a YouTube channel, but they are about to forbid swear words, so it probably wouldn’t work out between us. And I don’t really look good on camera, so it is not that disastrous.

I’ve been thinking about this – let’s call it a project, but it is more of a dream – for a long while now, and thank to some good friends and an amazing cousin I am all set to start. But what, you ask?

This will be my small piece on this vast world of …THE INTERNET.

I want to share my experiences, craziness, happiness and sadness with you, because after all we are living our own, completely different, but very similar lives.

So here you will find all kinds of situations one might go through, from trips to heartbreaks, recipes gone wrong (or maybe right) to funny day-to-day “perrengues” (Yeah, try find a translation for that world in English. I will help you out, it comes from Portuguese).

I will do my best to organize it all, as good as I can. But, life it’s not black and white, there are no categories and sometimes it gets a bit messy. I hope that, in the end, I can inspire some people to travel a lot, enjoy life and not take it too seriously.

Life it’s not easy, but it is only worth When You Live…

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