We are going on an Road Trip!!!

This will be my first road trip and longest I will be away this year. Finally some sweet vacation!

We are going on an adventure through the shadows of the Baltic see, to places we have never been before, with no specific plan, and that is actually the most exciting part about it. We are just as Jon Snow . We know nothing (or extremely little) about the cities we are going to.

So here is the plan:

We rented a car in Berlin, we will take the glorious Autobahn to Travemünde (a small city with a harbor in northern Germany), from there we will take a 24 hour ferry to Ventspils in Latvia and drive to Riga, than to tallinn (Estonia). From there we might go back to somewhere in Latvia and find our way to Vilnius (Lithuania) following to Danzig (Poland) and hopefully arriving safe back home in exactly 10 days.

So far, we have booked the car, the ferry and hotels in Riga and Tallinn. The rest will be decided on the way.

So what do you pack for a 10 day on-the-road trip?

The first answer to that is: I have no blooming idea! I am used to weekend trips that only includes a handbag. Also, Autumn is coming up, and I have no idea about the temperature up there, so here it is what I packed:

  • 12 pairs of underwear (just in case)
  • 10 pairs of socks
  • 4 tanktops
  • 10 t-shirts (6 short sleeves, 4 long sleeves)
  • 1 dress
  • 1 cardigan
  • 2 shorts
  • 2 long pants
  • 3 pairs of shoes (sandals, converse and sneakers)
  • Flip flops

As for hygiene itens, I am taking the obvious: shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush and bla bla bla. But well, even on a budget that is stuff you can get anywhere.

But, for the ladies: don´t forget to calculate well and take your tampons, cups or whatever you use.

Also remember your immediate medicine like the pill, painkillers, hangover pills, allergy or any other medicine you might be taking or think you could need on the way. And if you are looking to have some fun on the way, don´t forget the protection.

In case we might not get a hotel during our trip we are taking a tent, air mattress, sleeping bags, towels and toilet paper 😉

I will post all the prices and tips we learned on the way, but the websites we used to find the best prices were:

As always, the last is the most important! Don´t forget important documents, camera, devices, cables, chargers…

Oh, I never mentioned who are WE.  That would be me and my better half. So wish us luck and follow our trip rights and wrongs on the next posts.

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  1. Hey Lia :). Happy to see how balanced you were on the packing! I still have plenty to learn about it with you! But I already got my balance when not packing that amount of hair condictioners and make up 🙂 Joy is still the best thing to put on, specially when on vacations. I wish you more adventurous crime travel in two with your partner! Big love :*

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