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So…it is almost the end of winter and the weather has been going crazy, from sunny “warm” days to a three day rain strike. lovely. To make me feel better I decided to give it a try on the Zurek soup we had in Danzig.

Zurek (pronounced as zhoorrek) is a traditional polish soup. It contains some sausages, sour cream and even eggs, normally served inside a bread. The recipe varies in some regions of Poland. The recipe I found turned out well but you can add or leave stuff out as you please.

IMPORTANT: This recipe is suitable for people on Low Carb diets if you serve it in a normal bowl, not a bread.

So let’s do this….

You will need:

100 gr smoked bacon Parsley 1 Pinch of Marjoram
2 Garlic cloves 2 pieces of Celery 1 ½ L water
50 ml sour cream Salt and pepper 100 gr Onions
3 Carrots 100 gr Smoked sausage 2 laurel leaves
1/2 Celery root 100 gr sausage 500 gr Porcine bones
2 Boiled eggs Bread

How to:

  • Clean and chop the carrots, celery root, celery, parsley and cook it together with the porcine bones and water to make a broth. Do it in low heat for around 40/50 min. taste it to make sure it is good. You can add some salt and pepper to it to give it more flavor;
  • In another pan fry the cubed bacon, chopped sausages, garlic and onions;
Zurek Soup sausages
Chop and fry the bacon and sausages
  • Drain the broth into a sieve and add only the liquid to the pan with the sausages, bacon and so on. Stir it well;
  • Add the sour cream, laurel leaves, boiled eggs cut in 4 or 8 parts it, stir it really well and cook it for another 5 minutes;
Zurek soup
The picture is terrible but I promise it takes amazing!
  • Add salt and pepper as you wish to make it your taste and top it with the Marjoram;
  • Cut the top of your bread and dig a hole in it to fit the soup.

P.S.: I didn’t use eggs in mine because I completely forgot about it =(

For a first time, it turned out pretty well. I just wish I had put a little less salt, because the sausages I used were already salty.
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