When You Live and you become a WE…

Almost a year ago everything started to change. I met someone, someone worth my time and care, someone that believed in me and who changed my life, as The Fratellis would say, little by little. And this is how I became a we.

I am not the most romantic person on earth and sometimes I still have a hard time adapting to not being by myself. Up until last year I led a life of travelling and always doing whatever the f**k I wanted, when I wanted. I had my heart broken before, and that’s not something anybody on their right mind would like to go through again, so I was sceptical of starting it over again and “giving up” my freedom.

Valentines day 2017
Our first show together – Brian Fallon at Astra Berlin

I slowly realized having a relationship didn’t have to mean losing my freedom, it just meant sharing what I love to do with another person and completing myself sharing his interests too.

By the time I realized what I was doing I was way to deep in. I was already sharing my life with someone else.
I remember exactly when it was obvious to me that I, the me I had been trying to find again for so long, had become a WE

I was looking for flights, I had no destination, just wanted to get away for the weekend, go couchsurfing somewhere, meet new people. Just ditch reality for a moment. I was focused on the prices, counting the last pennies when it came to me: I was not alone, I didn’t want to do it alone, I had to book it for two and I would do it no matter what. I decided I wanted to share this moment with him, I wanted him to run away with me. That’s also the story how we ended up in greece for a week.

Together in Greece
Our first trip together – Greece

Every time I buy a concert ticket, or go to the grocery store, I realize I am not an I anymore, I am a we that looks forward to share everything and think about the other person instead of only myself.

I must say I am goddamn proud of myself. Didn’t think I could do it. And for you struggling with love and relationships, the only advice I can give is: be with someone you want to become a we with and not lose yourself.

Our first Festival together
Our first Festival together – Hurricane festival 2016

With that said, I wish you all loads of love in this 2017 Valentine’s Day! Let me know how you are enjoying it on the comments below!

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