This is one of those questions of life we all have different opinions on, but here we go.. Don’t get me wrong, I am all up for Birthdays!

But why do we celebrate it? Is the question that’s been give me a hard time. Of course celebrations are a great excuse to party, meet friends and drink, even if it is the celebration of getting older and starting to feel the consequences ย of the drinks you take to celebrate.

Usually I love birthdays, specially kids ones in Brazil, filled with family and good (bad for you) food. My birthday used to be a big deal, when I turned 1 I had 3 partys, how crazy is that? But this year I am not really feeling it. I just turned 26 today and I fear it will be just another day, because, well, in the end it will all stay the same.

Me B-days
As you can see I am still a kid!

What I never understood is why do we celebrate birthdays. DO we do it to celebrate we survived another year or that we lived another year? If it was a good one we should celebrate that , right? But what if it was a bad one? Should we celebrate it is over? I am still trying to understand what this past year was for me, there was a lot of bad (more than usual), but also a lot of good. So why am I celebrating this year?

Birthday bash 2015
The B-day Bash I had 2 years ago

I think i will go with a new beginning, a new chance to start and maybe finish 2017 way better than it began. Lucky me I still have half a year (exactly half a year!) to figure it all out.

Can anybody answer my questions? or is anybody else feeling the same? How do you feel on your birthdays? I am open to new theories, even if it is a conspiracy one ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy B-Day to me!!

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