Hurricane Festival 2017

If you know me, you know how crazy I am about music and all around it. Festivals are the best days of my year, I wait and get excited about it for months looking at my tickets. Not long ago (less than 2 weeks to be more exact) I came back from the Hurricane Festival a 3 day Rock/ Pop festival in Germany.

It was my second time there and this is my review on it:

Parking/ Camping

As always, it rained and we were stuck in traffic for about 2 hours (to move around 10km) with no possibilities for peeing as the parking was to wet and “not ready” for cars! CHAOTIC! Another thing that I hate is that the parking lot is way to far from the camping area itself and it takes a lot of strength and patience to carry all the shit we take through the mud.

We stayed at the normal camping (Hurricane has other options). It took us around 40 minutes to find a place to set our huge tent, but apart from our really loud and with terrible taste in music neighbours we had a perfect spot. Close to the main entrance which lead to the road way to the concert area, loads of bathrooms nearby and it was also close to the showers.

Camping Hurricane 2017
Part of our lovely neighbours this year at HUrricane festival

About the bathrooms and showers, well, it was a festival. The chemical toilets were emptied quite often and the “real ones” were awesome, always clean, with toilet paper and running water to wash our hands. The showers are not my favorite. It is completely open (girls separated from boys) , but apart from the last day when we had extreme cold water, it was ok. I only missed more place to leave my stuff while showering, there was definitely not enough space.


Hurricane is not like a Coachella Festival where you go to shine and show up your amaying skills on dressing up, being weird and being the self you wish you were for the rest of the year, but it has a small point on it. I mean you can dress whatever the fuck you want and be yourself, but it is more about the music than the looks. As every year, I expect the hurricane festival to be even more amazing than it was the year before, but this year it was only ok  I guess I am getting old, everyone seemed so young, like 15 y.o. young, and had so much more energy than me.

Hurricane festival 2017
Me, being a Mutant Ninja Turtle or well, me.

But well, the festival itself was nice with loads of sponsors activities ( I love it. Give me free stuff and I am yours hehehe) the only thing it was missing it was internet, no way for phones to work and only a 20qm range for Wi-Fi, it sucks! Our neighbours were super nice (not the loud ones) and made the days way better. My Unicorn also had a great time in the concerts.

Food/ Drinks

Ohhh here we go! This is where I got really pissed. We survived to the Hurricane festival, but man I was angry and disappointed. It is ok, I can survive a couple days drinking Beck’s (one of the worst german beers and somehow the biggest festival sponsor), but the stands were to little and the people working there were, as the german say, Unfähig, which means they just can’t handle it. So, everytime we wanted a beer we had to stand for ages in the line!

Hurricane festival 2017
The main source of protein at festivals – BEER!

As for the food at the hurricane festival, well, Penny (the supermarket) saved our live! The prices were extremely expensive, come on, 8EUR for a small bowl of pasta with tomato sauce??? Everything was so hipster, I couldn’t even get a hot dog with ketchup, because no, they only had their own herbs sauce or whatever, FUCK THIS! I understand the vegetarian and vegan options, but I love my steak in bread with ketchup, real simple. MAKE FESTIVAL FOOD SIMPLE AGAIN!


Here is where all the emotion is! The bands announced for 2017 were amazing, it was my dream line-up when I was like 13/14 y.o. You can find the complete line-up for hurricane 2017 here (at least until they start announcing bands for 2018).

So here is my 2 cents on my favorite bands:

Frank Turner and the Sleeping souls

This guys always amazes me. He is the life of the party! You cannot miss it. You can see how happy they are to be there, how excited they are to make music and entertain. He can even make a german crown jump (though job i musst say).

Frank Turner - hurricane festival 2017
Best concert in the whole festival – Frank Turner and the sleeping souls

All the jokes he makes, he even made a person from his crew crowdsurf because it was his birthday. There is no need for more words. it was by far the best concert of the whole festival. Check more about him here.  He also has an pretty nice blog.

Green Day and Blink 182

Two different concerts, same problem! This were the heroes of my teenage years. The concerts themselves were really great, except they all look really old (except for Travis Baker, the guy hasn’t aged a day!), but who cares. They mixed old and new songs, specially Blink 182 that came out with a new album last year that reminded me of the early years of the band. Green Day were also pretty great, but they could have just been high or at least it looked like cocaine flew through the backstage moments before.

Hurricane Festival 2017
I don’t have many pictures from concerts because I love to live the moment and enjoy, but here is an “air” picture of one 😉

But both had the same problem: The sound was awful! It was not loud enough, there were times you couldn’t listen to the guitar, or the voice, it really made me sad=(

Linkin Park

Ohhh I waited more than 10 years for this moment! I was quite disappointed though. Linkin Park has changed so much and it sounds all to Pop for me, like Justin Bieber has joined them on tour. I am not judging what they do, but it is not Linkin Park for me anymore. I miss the rhymes and the screams. Sadly, most of the concert were new songs. But the last 20 minutes made it all worth it. They played all the songs that made me remember so many good and bad times and I felt like I was 13 again. I screamed, danced, jumped, sang along and had the time of my life!

P.S.: This post was written before the fatal death of Linkin Park’s lead singer: Chester Bennington. I am really happy I got to see them and in a way, weird as it sounds, their music helped save my life years ago when I dealt with depression myself. SO here is a small tribute to him and my most humble Thank you for the amazing music!

Of course I saw many other bands at Hurricane Festival and enjoyed it a lot. These were just the ones that marked me more.

We ended up going back home before the festival was really over, because the bands playing the last night didn’t get our attention and it rained the whole time, so it started to be a pain in the ass ( as I said, I am getting old).

All in all it was a great festival with days of fun and drinks and I will definitely consider coming back if the bands are great, or maybe find a new one, where I haven’t been yet.

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