When you live and you encounter the problem with sizes…

I have always had a problem with weight and being bigger than everybody else. I got fat and slim and fat and slim again and then really fat. I took care of that and am on a long journey to feeling amazing with myself. But apart from my health, what breaks me the most is finding clothes. I am 100% sure I am not the only one.

This current rage started because I was looking for a party dress in order to go to a wedding. The first sites and stores I looked at had amazing dresses but only up to sizes 38 or, if you were lucky, 40. It got to me!

Why only top models and people with the “perfect body” have the right to have nice dresses? The fashion industry (specially for women) is learning. There are some campaigns pushing body positivity and finally realizing not everybody has the same body. But, somehow, I don’t see it on the shelves.

Dove real body campaign
Dove, has started something beautiful, but we have a long way to go!

I also realize, when I finally found dresses that would fit me, that sizes (the numbers written on the tags) mean nothing. I got 4 different dresses to try on: one 42, two 44 and one 46, and they all fit me perfectly. Does that make any sense???

I am currently (most times) a size 44, I came a long way, but I am still not done. I am happy right now, but always improving to make me , and only me, satisfied with my body. I don’t want to feel like the biggest human being on earth every time I go shopping, just because society is conditioned to think that we should all fit in one size, that we should always be size 38. I don’t want to have to buy Grandma clothes just because society thinks that only women over 50 dress in sizes over 42.

Victoria Secret fail campaign
Victoria Secret on the other hand, didn’t grasp the concept. FAIL!

WTF people? seriously? We are in the 21st century! We all have different body types ( I am not talking about health here, let’s make it clear) but we won’t all fit in the same size clothes and that is OK, really, it is OK!

Women have been fighting with men for equality, for centuries. But now is the time to fight for equality amongst ourselves. The right to feel comfortable with who we are, the right to get the clothes we like and want to wear, the right to not be diminished by numbers.

Surely I am not the only one who feels pressured, disappointed, discouraged, angry … in this world we’ve been living in. I do not want to be defined by a size, diminished by a number. I want to be me, to feel great as me and make sure everybody has the same right!

Have you ever felt this way? Do you agree with how sizes can bring you down? Where can we start to change? Let me know!

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