Summer is finally approaching and I, as much as the next girl, love me some beauty treatments to make me feel better or just make my life easier.

We, women (and some men) tend to see problems on ourselves all the time and try to fix it with crazy ideas like 2 weeks diet, un-human exercise and specially the “easy way out”: beauty treatments.

beauty treatments

Don’t get me wrong , I love them and am super pro to the whole “Do whatever makes you happy”.  But, the truth is, the situation we put ourselves through is horrible!
Imagine laying on a cold bed covered with plastic, completely naked while a stranger draws your body with some sort of weird light that is supposed to get rid of all your body hair. 
There you are, legs open to a complete stranger trying to think about happy times and how you will never have to wax or shave again(which is also never completely true). IT IS NOT COMFORTABLE! In fact…IT IS HORRIBLE!

beauty treatments

Another possibility is being compressed by a machine or s person rolling you over with some sort of alien role that make you feel like a cookie dough in hands of a mean child, but well, that cellulite, that only you can see will fade away!
Not to talk about all the money and the hours we spend on it! Is it all worth it?

The costs, the uncomfortable situation…but the amazing skin and not having to shave again!?

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