When you live and you try…

I’ve heard so many times that warm, nice baths can heal even the worst cases of broken souls. Of course I have had baths before, I love water and if I can, I will shower 2 or more times a day, but a bathtub without the bubble jets didn’t catch my attention.

This time, I was sick and feeling disgusting, so I decided to give one more chance to my lonely bathtub. I didn’t have the right material with me. No bath bombs or essential oils. So I threw a bit (or maybe a lot) of shower gel while the water was running to make some bubbles, put on my favorite music of the moment on and dove in.

I tried to relax, count sheeps, think about amazing times and just relieve all my muscles. But guess what happened?
The bathroom started to steam, my mind start rolling far, to far, remembering all the bad things in life, all my current problems and bad things that happened years ago. I changed the music. Maybe something more calming than the new album from Metallica would suit the moment better.
Threw in some Dropkick Murphys, followed by my really random spotify playlist on shuffle. It got better, but soon (I mean 2 to 3 songs later) the problems came back, all the stuff that I still had to do, the plans for the week, EVERYTHING.

Taking a bath
Does this image look appealing to you? I really cannot realate =(

Between the greatness of my thoughts, the idea of being soaked in my own dirt wasn’t helping. It made me feel even more disgusting than before. All my bacterias and the sofa dust from the day floating on the water, ewwww. That warm bath with the perfect temperature and loads of bubbles started to bother me. Felt the bubbles everywhere, I couldn’t scratch my face because my hands were covered in bubbles. My hair was getting wet. It was not my intention as I had washed it that morning. I was sticky although I was in water.

No, no, no, baths are not for me! Drain down the water and took an amazing long shower with running water to take all my own bath dirt of myself. What a waste of water!

Maybe I did it wrong or I am just really not made for it. Do you have any suggestions? Do you feel the same? Let me know on the comments below.

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  1. Dear Lia

    A bathtub bath and quite relaxing, if it is like this in the photo. The candlelight with a delicious refreshing wine and as you mentioned with the favorite music, at some special time because then you have to take a shower to really feel clean. Nothing practical is not it?

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