With a feeling of curiosity, happiness and sadness I enjoyed the last concert of this year. I discovered Montreal a couple of months ago through a friend and decided the same day I would get the ticket, but had to wait until December to enjoy the show. The 15 years celebration of the band did not disappoint!

Date:  21.12.2018

Price:  24,90 €

Location: Festsaal Kreuzberg

  • Overall score  ♠♠♠
  • Beverages and food $$$
  • Sound ♥♥♥♥
  • Separated smoking area YES / NO
  • Public transportation access YES / NO
  • Capacity 1.000 people
 Support acts

Montreal - 15 Jahre Montreal Tour


   1. Das falsche Pferd

   2. Kino?!

   3. Auf der faulen Haut

   4. Ubahnlinie 2

   5. Solang die Fahne weht

   6. Großstadtrevier

   7. Neues aus der Hobbythek

   8. Hör auf deine Freunde

   9. Was du suchst

   10. 120 Sekunde

   11. Walkman Revolution

   12. Mädchen aus Berlin

   13. Richtig falsch


   14. Katharine, Katharine

   15. Was wir haben

   16. Pullover

   17. Bernd, der Bankräuber

   18. Was wir hatten

   19. Osnabrück

   20. Hauptgewinn

   21. Endlich wieder Discozeit

   22. Zucker für die Affen

   23. Musik in meine Ohren

   24. Max Power

   25. 15 Jahre für die Punchline

   26. Tag zur Nacht

My Honest Review

Just my type of concert! Good and funny music, entertainment with some interaction with the public and the band just enjoying what they are doing. The laughs and sparkles in the eyes is what I love to see in the band during a concert and Montreal didn’t disappoint.

The concert started a bit later than expected and although the support band was not bad, they were not as inspiring as you would expect for a concert on a Friday night so I was happy when Montreal finally entered the stage and got the mood up!

The 15 year celebration was everything you would expect. Songs old and new, fun, flaming Sambucas brought up to the stage (not so successfully) by the infamous Max Power and a countdown with a timer to make sure “120 Sekunden” was exactly that, 2 minutes long, and they made it!

Half way through, I think I felt momentarily in love” with Hirsh, the Bass Player/ Singer, as he reminded me of someone who used to be really important to me and he was having so much fun and making jokes, that really get’s me. But well, my chances were low hehe, so I settled for a autograph instead of going for rejection, stupid I know, but hey, now I have the best memory^^

Loads of storys were shared, a sing along to every song, jumps, smiles, moshpits and a lot of new trials made the evening special, amazing and the best final to a year of AWESOME concerts.

Thank You MONTREAL!!!


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