I, like many others, always proud myself on my musical taste. I have spent my youth being the Metalhead my parents had to endure, and my whole family said it was a phase. No, it was not a phase, I do still prefer Hard-rock, Hardcore, Heavy, Trash, Power and all the Rock I have enjoyed before. Yes, my playlist has changed a bit, it goes from Cher to Machine Head, but that’s just normal. However, apart from the occasional chart song, I do have my small guilty pleasures, you know, the music we all have in our playlists we are embarrassed to show even our best friend.

But, I am here to come clean. So here are my TOP 5 musical guilty pleasures…

Number 5

90's/ 2000's Sing Along Songs

From bad to worst, the 5th place goes to 90’s/ 2000’s sing along songs. 

Yes, I know all the lyrics, I cannot keep myself from singing it whenever it comes along, I dance to it if it plays on a party and I definitely downloaded a Spotify Playlist dedicated to it!

Well, I call them Classics 😉

I know what you are thinking. It is not that bad. Just bare with me for moment, I am slowly diving into it.

Number 4

Maroon 5

The second position of the list, goes to Maroon 5. I don’t really like to admit it and maybe it is all radios fault, but at some point I do enjoy almost all Maroon 5 songs, no matter how much I might seem to hate it in the beginning.

So here you have my latest favorite one:

Number 3

Old Brazilian Pagode

This one pains me to death to admit. Now my family has the chance to say, “I knew you would come around, I told you so!” , but, if you are reading this, please don’t. I already know it.
Yes, I used to hate Pagode, the newest one are still not my favorite genre, but the old ones have a touch that make me want to dance, and I admit it, it is pretty fun, specially if played in a round of friends.

Now I am starting to blush and looking for that hole opening on the floor where I can hide myself.

Number 2


Oh yes, I love me some weird German Hip-Hop/ Rap/ Pop with crazy funny lyrics and beats to dance. I usually can’t stop moving around and it gets my energy up to another level.

Nobody knows what SDP stands for, there are a lot of rumors, at least I read on Wikipedia it is an abbreviation for Stonedeafproduction, but it is also not important and nobody knows for sure. They have most of the funniest musik I’ve heard like “Ne Leiche” or “Die Nacht von Freitag auf Montag”, but they really outdid themselves in their last album: Die Unendlichste Geschichte. I have heard “Übertreiba” over and over again for a month and I moved my body for every song on this album. But, I have to be honest, I don’t really like the storytelling on the album, thank technology I can skip it!

If you don’t speak German, I would recommend NOT really looking at the translation for this song, you are gonna be really disappointed!

Number 1


This music, but only together with this video aka Van Damme dancing!
It brings me back to easier times, a good job and team and that end of the week feeling.

It makes me feel like dancing, and moving and looking forward to what Germans call “Feierabend Bier” or the After work beer. I know, this song is the worst and not really well synchronized with the video but it makes me feel good and that’s all that matter. Please, don’t judge me!

I now know the complete lyrics to it, but to hell with it, I love it!

How about you? Do you have any musical guilty pleasures?

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